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Corrections Inmate Locator

Many countries have implemented mandate to place offenders in a secure, safe and humane environment, and ensure that rehabilitation and successful reintegration programmes are implemented. The offender can be placed back into the society where they can be part of the community. Gosafe provides corrections inmate locator for correctional service. Contact us for more gosafe tracker information!

Gosafe Offender for Skills Development Programmes

Skills development programmes

These include correctional and skills development programmes, and psychological, social and spiritual care services. Through the improved marketing of skills development programmes, and the appointment of external service providers to provide more training opportunities for offenders, the percentage of offenders participating in skills development programmes is expected to be maintained.

Gosafe offender tracking device G737

Gosafe offender tracking device G737 plays a significant role in the correctional services. This prisoner tracking bracelet can help the correctional officer to have keep track of the offender and their daily routine. When integrated G737 corrections inmate locators with a platform it can offer verity of data to the backend platform and with GUI it can be visible for correctional service department to know the movement of the offender, checking in to the work on time, the time spent on the way, any unusual stops made on the way, any no go area had been breached and so on. By choosing Gosafe corrections inmate locators, All these features can be obtained by the data sent to the server along with push notifications on critical alerts to the server or via SMS to the correctional officer.

Gosafe offender tracking device G737
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