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GPS Monitoring Domestic Violence

Gosafe GPS Monitoring Domestic Violence offers essential functions for domestic violence situations, including real-time location tracking, geo-fencing to establish safe zones, panic buttons for immediate assistance, and alerts for violations. It provides vital support and protection to survivors and helps ensure their safety.

Domestic violence involves various types of abuse, including physical assaults, verbal attacks, and emotional manipulation.

If you are in a domestic violence situation, you may wonder about ways to stop domestic violence, but the reality is that relationships with domestic violence rarely improve. 

How does GPS Tracker for Domestic Violence Work

How does GPS domestic violence work

Domestic violence offenders had been put away by the judiciary but when they are released on parole or complete their sentence even protection orders alone may not be enough to stop a repeated attack on victims. Gosafe offers a technological GPS monitoring domestic violence solution that gives added tools with gps tracker power bank for law enforcement officials as well as the victim.

Paired GPS for Monitoring Domestic Violence

G737 offender tracking device and victim tag worked together as paired devices. Both are reported to the server at the same time and if the victim or offender is near to each other at a certain distance the backend platform generates and alarm. This gps bracelet probation alarm can be transferred to the victim via SMS or even can be used as an auditable alert to inform the victim that she/he is in a danger zone.

GPS Tracker for Domestic Violence Paired Devices
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