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G737 Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracker

One Piece Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracker
G737 one piece GPS Monitoring Bracelet

The G737 GPS ankle bracelet tracker by Gosafe is a light weight, secure, durable and easy to recharge one piece GPS electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. It uses GPS, Cellular and Bluetooth tracking technologies to improve locating capabilities of inmates during movement and at home. The third generation ankle GPS prisoner tracker is most advanced and robust ever developed by Gosafe gps tracking device supplier.

Easy to use shank Band
Easy to use shank Band
No need expensive shank bands

The industry is filled with different type of prisoner tracking bracelets which need expensive shank band to be ordered in different sizes. The G737 GPS ankle bracelet tracker comes with one time use shank band which can be ordered as roll with length upto 20 meter. This later can be cut into the exact size of the inmate shank and use it. GPS monitoring ankle bracelet saves a lot of money and improves sensitization along with better temper detection.

Ankle Bracelet Tracker is Easy to use shank Band
LTE Connectivity for Ankle Tracker Bracelet
Using LTE connectivity

G737 offender tracking device is using the latest LTE CAT-1 technology with fallback to 3G/2G connectivity which ensures that the ankle tracking device is always connected with the server and offers full visibility to the correction officer even in suburbs where other devices cannot connect with the network. G737 ankle GPS tracker can use dual SIM cards that making it one of the standalone offender tracker devices in this industry.

Ankle Bracelet Tracker Using LTE connectivity
Accurate Location for Ankle Tracker Bracelet
Multiple techologies to locate

G737 GPS ankle bracelet tracker uses multiple technologies to locate the inmate. The prisoner tracking bracelet can use GPS, cellular tower, Wifi, or Bluetooth to accurately locate the inmate. This allows the GPS monitoring bracelet even to locate indoors as well as outdoors. A highly sensitive GPS module with anti-jamming technology and assisted inmate tracker GPS can help to quickly get GPS fix once the inmate is outdoors.

Offender Tracker Accurate Location
Encryption make it secure to crack

Gosafe always believes that the security of the data is one of the key components of inmate tracking devices. G737 GPS electronic monitoring ankle bracelet is using AES standard data encryption to make sure that data is secure during the transfer of data to servers. The device is also using Gosafe own protocols which are not public protocols making it much harder for the hackers to decode the data sent to the server.

Offender Tracker Security
Technical Parameters G737 Ankle Bracelet GPS Tracker


Fiber Optic to Detect any Attempt of Abuse or Rupture of Equipment
Fiber Optic to Detect any Attempt of Abuse or Rupture of Equipment
GPS Ankle Bracelet Waterproof with Perfect Insulation
GPS Ankle Bracelet Waterproof with Perfect Insulation
Geo-Fence Management
Geo-Fence Management
GSM Tower Based Location (Secondary)
GSM Tower Based Location (Secondary)
Internal Movement/Accelerometer
Internal Movement/Accelerometer
LTE CAT-1 Connectivity
LTE CAT-1 Connectivity
BLE Based Home Beacon
BLE Based Home Beacon
SOS Button for Emergency Help
SOS Button for Emergency Help
Store up to 50000 Records Onboard
Store up to 50000 Records Onboard
uBlox-8 GPS Engine Onboard
uBlox-8 GPS Engine Onboard
Vibration Based Status Indication
Vibration Based Status Indication
FOTA (Firmware Update OTA)
FOTA (Firmware Update OTA)
Way Points with Date & Time
Way Points with Date & Time



Communication Modes :


Location Technology :

50 Channels GPS

Operating Voltage :

Internal Battery


Operating Voltage :

5V DC Charger

Power Consumption :

7µA (Sleep)

200mA (Active Tracking)

Backup Battery :

LIPO 3.7V 2200mAh

Battery Recharging 5V DC


Location Technology :

56 Channel uBlox GPS (with SBAS)

GPS L1 C/A Code


Accuracy : SBAS 2.0m CEP

Tracking Sensitivity : -162dBm

Antenna : Patch internal

Assist GPS : Supported


Dimensions :

83.50(L) x 79.50(W) x 29 (H)mm

Weight :

200g (With Battery)


Operating Temperature :

-10 ~ +50°C

Storage Temperature :

-20 ~ +70°C

Humidity :

100%RH @ 50°C non-condensing

Shock & Vibration :

U.S. Military Standards 202G and 810F, SAE



SAE J1113; FCC–Part 15B

RoHS :

Compliant (Optional)

Connectors, SIM Card Access

Mini USB :

1 Mini USB (configuration/debug)

Power Switch :

Device Power ON/Off Switch

GPS Antenna : Internal

GSM Antenna : Internal

SIM Card : Internal

Shank Band

Fiber Optic :

Different Sizes of Fiber Optic Shank band


On Board


ARM Cortex M3

Flash Memory :

32Mbit (50000 records)

BLE 4.0 : On Board



Not required


Data Support : SMS, TCP, UDP

GSM/GPRS Quad Band :

850/900/1800/1900 MHz

3G Global : 

850/900/1800/1900 MHz

LTE CAT-1 with 3G Fallback :


GSM/GPRS Output Power :

Class 4 (2W) for 850 / 900 bands

Class 1 (1W) for 1800 / 1900 bands

GSM/GPRS Fallback :

GPRS Class 10

HSPA Data Rate :

5.76Mbps UL/7.2Mbps DL

SIM Card 1:

3FF Micro 1.8/3.3 V

SIM Card 2:

Embedded 1.8/3.3 V


Power :

Power ON/OFF Button


SOS Button for help and sending SMS to the

pre-configured numbers

Status LEDs :

GPS, Cellular, Power


Gosafe Offender Tracker Application


Power Bank
Power Bank
I Beacon
I Beacon
Fiber Optic
Fiber Optic
Clips and Screw
Clips and Screw
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