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How do GPS footlockers work?

GPS shackles are often used as an alternative to traditional incarceration. The prison system is often too overcrowded to receive any new offenders. Ankle monitors provide the ability to punish some people without having to put them in jail. Those who qualify for House Arrest Solution usually commit some sort of lesser or non-violent crime. Some offenders are released from prison for good behavior before the end of their sentence. Wearing shackles may be a requirement for such a release. Sometimes, parole officers also use GPS shackles to monitor parolees.

GPS shackles work by notifying the monitoring agency of the wearer's whereabouts. When a judge assigns a gosafe gps shackle to a person, the judge usually calibrates the monitor to confine the wearer to a designated geographic area. Depending on how the monitor is set up, if the wearer leaves the designated area, it sends a signal to the authorities or the monitoring officer: 

  • The wearer leaves the designated area device needs to be recharged

  • The wearer attempts to remove, tamper with or obscure it

  • The wearer approaches a location in a restricted area

  • The wearer deviates from the designated location or schedule

  • A system malfunction occurs

Most monitors transmit some type of location information. Some models are more accurate than others, and some devices detect and relay multiple messages. Some ankle gps shackles transmit information constantly, others record data at specified intervals.

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