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What is a GPS Ankle Monitor?

By definition, a GPS ankle monitor is a device designed to be placed on your ankle, which transmits information about your whereabouts to a monitoring center.

In this case, the information is transmitted via the Global Positioning System (GPS), but other types also use radio transmission. In most cases, ankle monitors are used to track the location of the wearer as a condition of house arrest or parole. They are also commonly used as punishment for alcohol-related violations to track their alcohol use. 

Most GPS ankle monitor products and power bank with gps tracker consist of three main components:

  • Ankle shackle

  • A remote receiver

  • On-site receiver

While the ankle shackle is on, it continuously reads information such as alcohol use and location. This information is then sent via GPS to a field transmitter, which is placed somewhere in the wearer's home. 

Once the field transmitter receives the information, it forwards it to a remote receiver. The remote receiver is usually at a police station or remote monitoring service center. Most ankle gps prisoner tracker monitors will also have built-in sensors. If the wearer tries to remove the bracelet or interferes with the signal, these sensors will notify the appropriate authorities. 

GPS ankle bracelets can be a good alternative to incarceration for cases where the offender can be safely monitored outside the prison. The house arrest bracelet waterproof helps solve the problem of prison overcrowding and eliminates the cost of having officers watching them 24/7 while keeping an eye on their location 24/7.

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