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GPS Tracker Accuracy and the Factors Affecting It

How accurate is the GPS tracker?

The technology implemented in GPS tracking devices is so unique and advanced that it can provide you with an accurate location within 10 meters. Our gosafe tracker high-end devices can provide better accuracy, down to 1 meter. Signals from satellites in space are very accurate, however, the signal received by a GPS device depends on several factors such as the geometry of the satellite, signal blockage, atmospheric conditions, and the design of the receiving device. Once the distance between at least four satellites is confirmed, the device or tracker can calculate its position. As more satellites are detected, the accuracy of the GPS device increases.

Factors Affecting the Accuracy of GPS Tracking Devices

Contrary to popular belief, weather conditions can interfere with GPS signals. Storms, on the other hand, as well as rain and cloud cover, do not. Placing your house arrest gps tracking devices under clear skies is the best way to get an accurate location. The radio waves used to determine location must travel through various obstacles such as dense forests, valleys, mountains, large buildings and skyscrapers to reach your device from the satellite. So, if you are standing in a place with a lot of opacity, your GPS is likely to give you inaccurate information. If your GPS is showing incorrect data, it could be one of the following:

  • Satellite signal is blocked due to tall buildings, bridges, trees, etc.

  • Indoor or underground use

  • Radio interference

  • Satellite is under maintenance

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