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Why Choose GPS Ankle Tracker?

Small size and light weight

One of the benefits of ankle trackers is that they are small and lightweight. This helps the wearer be more comfortable rather than lugging around a large, bulky GPS tracking device. the G737 ankle gps prisoner tracker weighs only 200 grams and measures 83.50(L) x 79.50(W) x 29 (H)mm. 

Real-time monitoring

Another benefit of wearing an ankle tracker is that it provides officers with real-time location data. This is very helpful when monitoring if the wearer is where they are supposed to be and if they are breaking curfew. The real-time location feature is made possible by a built-in U-blox, GPS module, GPRS module and a low-power ARM processor. While it may be necessary for parole officers to make occasional home visits, the ability to monitor clients in real time is very helpful in checking locations when parole officers are not present. 

Important Alerts

Finally, the GPS ankle gosafe tracker provides important alerts to officers. The tracker alerts for crossing geo-fenced boundaries, low battery levels, and intended GPS locations. There is also a built-in strap-off alert. Geo-fence boundary alerts are especially important for clients who are supposed to stay in a certain area. Boundaries can be created by the parole officer and if a client crosses these boundaries, the parole officer will receive an alert. Low battery alerts are also important so that the client will understand when it is time to charge the tracker.

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