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What Is an Ankle Bracelet Tracker?

Although most of us have seen ankle bracelet trackers in TV shows or movies, we actually know very little about them. When an offender does not pose a significant threat to the community, judges typically order them to wear ankle bracelet trackers for monitoring. Rulings on the devices have been increasing after the pandemic.

Understanding the ankle bracelet tracker

Ankle bracelet trackers are electronic devices used by courts to track offenders. These devices ensure that they do not cross the court's specified boundaries. Offenders must wear these devices within the designated time frame and cannot tamper with them. Anyone who attempts to leave the established boundary or tamper with the device will face the consequences. Some devices offer additional monitoring by tracking alcohol levels. What are some types of ankle bracelet trackers?

Different types of the ankle bracelet tracker

Global Positioning System (GPS) monitor

GPS monitoring devices are the most common. Ankle bracelet GPS tracker use GPS information transmitted by satellites to track wearers, providing the corrective department with their location. Officials can set inclusion and exclusion zones based on court-set conditions. Some offenders are not confined to their homes but can travel to specific locations, such as their workplace. With these devices, 24/7 monitoring can be conducted to ensure that violators stay within their allowed area.

Radio Frequency (RF) monitor

RF monitoring is commonly used to monitor curfew violations. These types include ankle bracelet trackers and house arrest ankle monitor GPS, which will notify the monitoring center if an offender ventures too far. The range is typically between 50 to 150 feet. This type of monitoring system is most common in low-level or juvenile offenders.

Alcohol/sweat monitor

Alcohol monitors will periodically track the wearer's blood alcohol content or BAC. These devices detect if someone has been drinking through the sweat released by the bracelet. These devices also use Gosafe GPS technology to track the violator's location.

In many low-level cases, ankle bracelet trackers may be a cost-effective punishment that allows offenders to live relatively normal lives without posing a threat to the community. Situations such as drunk driving, immigration issues, or non-violent crimes may result in a court order for home confinement. GPS monitoring domestic violence offer the opportunity to monitor these individuals 24/7 and are a useful tool in our justice system.

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